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This page contains "templates" for PmWiki's (:pagelist:) directive. The Site.LocalTemplates? page can be created and used to store pagelist templates that are local to a site.

Page list template documentation


The default template for pagelists when fmt= isn't specified (and note that on the wiki, this template is over-ridden by the one on the Site.LocalTemplates? page).

(:if false:)
(:template first {=$Group}:)

:[[{=$Group}/]] /:
(:template each:)
: :[[{=$Group}/{=$Name}]]

(:pagelist group={$Group} fmt=#default count=6:)


Display pages by group/name.

(:if false:)
(:template first {=$Group}:)

:[[{=$Group}/]] /:
(:template each:)
: :[[{=$Group}/{=$Name}]]

(:pagelist group={$Group} fmt=#bygroup count=6:)


A simple bullet list of page names.

(:if false:)
* [[{=$FullName}]]

(:pagelist group={$Group} fmt=#simple count=5:)


A simple bullet list of page titles.

(:if false:)
(:template defaults order=title:)
* [[{=$FullName}|+]]

(:pagelist group={$Group} fmt=#title count=5:)


Outputs wiki page titles with spaces between the words in the title.

(:if false:)
(:template defaults order=title:)
* [[{=$FullName}|{=$Titlespaced}]]

(:pagelist group={$Group} fmt=#titlespaced count=5:)


A bullet list of groups (will not work with count=...).

(:template first {=$Group}:)
* [[{=$Group}/]]


An optimized bullet list of group home pages (will work with count=...), requires PmWiki 2.2.103.

(:template default list=grouphomes:)
* [[{=$Group}/]]


Concatenate the text of pages in the list (note, this can be an expensive operation).

(:include {=$FullName} self=0:)


Include just the #faq sections from pages in the list. (This can also be expensive, especially if the list includes pages that don't have the [[#faq]] anchor!)

(:include {=$FullName}#faq#faqend self=0:)


List pages and append the page's description if it exists. Creates dash by all names, but adding a nested loop to get rid of it causes markup problems (nested loops are not allowed).

(:if false:)
* [[{=$FullName}|+]]
  - {=$Description}

(:pagelist group={$Group} fmt=#description count=7:)


Simple bullet list of page names, without the Group name.

(:if false:)
* [[({=$Group}/){=$Name}]]

(:pagelist group={$Group} fmt=#simplename count=5:)


Simple bullet list of spaced page names, without the Group name.

(:if false:)
* [[({=$Group}/){=$Namespaced}]]

(:pagelist group={$Group} fmt=#simplenamespaced count=5:)


A simple bullet list of page title and summary.

* [[{=$FullName} | {=$Title}]] &nbsp; [-{=$:Summary}-]

(:pagelist group=Site fmt=#titlesummary list=normal count=8:)


Number of pages in pagelist

(:if false:)
(:template defaults wrap=inline list=normal :)
(:template last:)

Number of pages in the {$Group} group: (:pagelist group={$Group} fmt=#count :).

Number of pages in the {$Group} group: (:pagelist group={$Group} fmt=count :).

There are (:pagelist group=PmWiki fmt=#count wrap=html :) pages in the PmWiki group.

Number of pages in the Site group: 11 .

Number of pages in the Site group: 15.

There are


pages in the PmWiki group.