Gonzalo Robledo

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Área de Investigación

Ecuaciones diferenciales


  1. Castañeda, Álvaro; Robledo, Gonzalo. Almost reducibility of linear difference systems from a spectral point of view. Commun. Pure Appl. Anal. 16 (2017), no. 6, 1977–1988. ISSN 1534-0392, Impact Factor 0.926.
  2. Castañeda, Álvaro; Robledo, Gonzalo: A topological equivalence result for a family of nonlinear difference systems having generalized exponential dichotomy. J. Difference Equ. Appl. 22 (2016), no. 9, 1271–1291. ISSN: 1023-6198. Impact Factor 0.752.
  3. Córdova-Lepe, Fernando; Robledo, Gonzalo; Solis, M. Eugenia: Pulse hospitalization to control SIS diseases on farms: economics effects. J. Biol. Systems 24 (2016), no. 2-3, 311–331. ISSN: 0218-3390. Impact Factor: 0.661.
  4. Córdova-Lepe, Fernando; Robledo, Gonzalo; Cabrera-Villegas, Javier: Population growth modeling with boom and bust patterns: the impulsive differential equation formalism. J. Biol. Systems 23 (2015), suppl., S135–S149. ISSN: 0218-3390. Impact Factor: 0.661.
  5. Castañeda, Álvaro; Robledo, Gonzalo: Differentiability of Palmer’s linearization theorem and converse result for density functions. J. Differential Equations 259 (2015), no. 9, 4634–4650.   ISSN: 0022-0396 Impact Factor: 2.134.


  1. 2017-2021: FONDECYT Regular 1170968 “Topological Equivalence, Smoothness and Asymptotic Stability, a Dichotomic Point of View”. Investigador responsible.
  2. 2016-2017: Proyecto Mathamsud 16-Math-04 “Stability and dichotomies in differential equations (ordinary & delay) (STADE)”,  Coordinador Internacional e Investigador.
  3. 2012-2016: FONDECYT 1120709 “Almost periodic type functions and solutions of differential equations with deviations”. Co-investigador.