Publicaciones 2019

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Arenas-Carmona, L.; Berend, D; Bergelson, V.An almost mixing of all orders property of algebraic dynamical systems.
Manuel Arenas, Luis Arenas-CarmonaBranches on division algebras
Luis Arenas-Carmona and Claudio BravoComputing embedding numbers and branches of orders via extensions of the Bruhat-Tits tree
Friedman, Eduardo; Ramirez-Raposo, GabrielFilling the gap in the table of smallest regulators up to degree
Elduque, A.; Labra, A.Evolution algebras, automorphisms, and graphs. Linear and Multilinear Algebra,
Arenas,M.; Hentzel,I.R.; Labra A. Commutative non-power associative algebras International Journal of Algebra and computation
Burrull, Gaston; Libedinsky, Nicolas; Sentinelli, Paolop-Jones-Wenzl idempotents.
Măntoiu, MBerezin-type operators on the cotangent bundle of a nilpotent group
Măntoiu, M.; Ruzhansky, M.Quantizations on nilpotent Lie groups and algebras having flat coadjoint orbits
Măntoiu, MariusA positive quantization on type I locally compact groups
Măntoiu, Marius; Sandoval, MaximilianoPseudo-differential operators associated to general type I locally compact groups. Analysis and partial differential equations: perspectives from developing countries
Iftimie, Viorel; Mantoiu, Marius; Purice, RaduQuantum observables as magnetic psi do
Mantoiu M; Nistor VSpectral Theory in a twisted Grupoid Setting: Spectral Decompositions, Localizations and Fredholmness
Kohnen, Winfried; Martin, Yves; Shankhadhar, Karam DeoA converse theorem for Jacobi cusp forms of degree two
Y. MartinOn degree 2 Siegel cusp forms and its Fourier coefficients
Zou, Changwu; Xia, Yonghui; Pinto, Manuel; Shi, Jinlin; Bai, YuzhenBoundness and linearisation of a class of differential equations with piecewise constant argument
Alvarez, Edgardo; Castillo, Samuel; Pinto, Manuel(ω,c)-pseudo periodic functions, first order Cauchy problem and Lasota-Wazewska model with ergodic and unbounded oscillating production of red cells
Coronel, Aníbal; Friz, Luis; Huancas, Fernando; Pinto, ManuelL-p-solutions of a nonlinear third order differential equation and the Poincaré-Perron problem
Castillo,Samuel; Pinto, Manuel;Torres, Ricardo.Asymptotic formulae for solutions to impulsive differential equations with piecewise constant argument of generalized type
Rivera, J. Muñoz; Poblete, Verónica; Sepúlveda, Mauricio; Vargas, Hector; Vera, OctavioRemark on the stabilization for a Schrödinger equation with double power nonlinearity
Poblete, Verónica; Poblete, Felipe; Pozo, Juan C.Strong solutions of a neutral type equation with finite delay
Mazenc, Frédéric; Niculescu, Silviu-Iulian; Robledo, GonzaloStability analysis of mathematical model of competition in a chain of chemostats in series with delay
Pinto, Nicolás; Robledo, GonzaloSome relations between Bohl exponents and the exponential dichotomy spectrum
Amster, Pablo; Kuna, Mariel Paula; Robledo, GonzaloMultiple solutions for periodic perturbations of a delayed autonomous system near an equilibrium
Castañeda, Álvaro; Robledo, GonzaloDichotomy spectrum and almost topological conjugacy on nonautonomus unbounded difference systems
Pinto, Manuel; Robledo, GonzaloA Grobman-Hartman theorem for differential equations with piecewise constant arguments of mixed type
Álvaro Castañeda, Pablo Monzón, Gonzalo RobledoSmoothness oftopological equivalence on the half line for nonautonomous systems
Soto-Andrade J; Yañez AburtoA; Acknowledging the Ouroboros: An Enactivist and Metaphoric Approach to problem posing and solving. Chapter in Cai, J and Middleton, J. Problem solving in Patagonia
Soto-Andrade J; Diaz-Rojas D; Yañez-AburtoMetaphorising and enacting as transgression in didactics of mathematics, Proc Mathematical Transgressions 4
Arnoux P; Soto-Andrade JFrom concrete to abstract and back: Representation and Metaphor. To appear in Proceedings
Soto-Andrade; Yañez Aburto, Días RojasOn quantum-like cognition in everyday life: some examples. To appear in Proceedings World of entanglement
Auffarth, Robert; Codogni, Giulio; Salvati Manni, RiccardoThe Gauss map and secants of the Kummer variety
Auffarth, RobertA note on Galois embeddings of abelian varieties
A. Castañeda, P. Monzón y G. RobledoSmoothness of topological equivalence on the half line for nonautonomous systems
A. Castañeda, y G. RobledoA Spectral Dichotomy versión of the nonaautonomous Markus-Yamabe conjeture
Giancarlo Lucchini ArtecheThe unramified Brauer group of homogeneous spaces with finite stabilizer
Cyril Demarche y Giancarlo Lucchini ArtecheLe principe de Hasse pour les espaces homogènes : réduction au cas des stabilisateurs finis
Mathieu Florence y Giancarlo Lucchini ArtecheOn Extensions of algebraic groups
Diego Izquierdo y Giancarlo Lucchini ArtecheHomogeneous spaces, algebraic K-theory and cohomological dimension of fields
Robert Auffarth, Giancarlo Lucchini Arteche y Anita M. RojasA decomposition of the Jacobian of a Humbert-Edge curve
Robert Auffarth y Giancarlo Lucchini ArtecheSmooth quotients of abelian varieties by finite groups