Publicaciones 2014

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Arenas-Carmona, LuisSelectivity in division algebras
Arenas-Carmona, LuisComputing quaternion quotient graphs via representations of orders
Belabas,Karim; Friedman,EduardoComputing the residue of the Dedekind zeta function
Labra, A.;Ladra, M.; Rozikov, U.A.An evolution algebra in population genetics
Arenas,Manuel; Labra, AliciaBirrepresentations in a locally nilpotent variety
Libedinsky,NicolasLight leaves and Lusztig's conjecture
Libedinsky,Nicolas; Williamson,GeordieStandard objects in 2-braid groups
Mantoiu, M.; Purice, R.On Fréchet-Hilbert algebras
García, J.; Mantoiu, M.Localization results for zero order pseudodifferential operators.
Mantoiu,.Marius; Parra, DanielCompactness criteria in Banach spaces in the setting of continuous frames
Beltiţa,.Ingrid; Mantoiu,.MariusRieffel deformation and twisted crossed products
Kohnen,.Winfried; Martin,.YvesA characterization of degree two Siegel cusp forms by the growth of their Fourier coefficients
Kohnen,.Winfried; Martin,.YvesSign changes of Fourier coefficients of cusp forms supported on prime power indices
Martin,.YvesOn integral kernels for Dirichlet series associated to Jacobi forms
Chávez, Alan; Castillo,.Samuel; Pinto, ManuelDiscontinuous almost periodic type functions, almost automorphy of solutions of differential equations with discontinuous delay and applications
Chiu,.Kuo-Shou; Pinto, Manuel; Jeng,.Jyh-ChengExistence and global convergence of periodic solutions in recurrent neural network models with a general piecewise alternately advanced and retarded argument
Trofimchuk,.Elena; Pinto, Manuel; Trofimchuk,.SergeiOn the minimal speed of front propagation in a model of the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction
Chávez, Alan; Castillo,.Samuel; Pinto, ManuelDiscontinuous almost automorphic functions and almost automorphic solutions of differential equations with piecewise constant arguments
Poblete,.Verónica; Pozo,.Juan C.Periodic solutions of a fractional neutral equation with finite delay
Henríquez,.Hernán R.; Poblete,.Verónica; Pozo,.Juan C.Mild solutions of non-autonomous second order problems with nonlocal initial conditions
Córdova-Lepe,.Fernando; Del Valle,.Rodrigo; Robledo,.GonzaloStability analysis of a self-cycling fermentation model with state-dependent impulse times
Lange,.Herbert; Rodríguez,.Rubí E.; Rojas, Anita.M.Polarizations on abelian subvarieties of principally polarized abelian varieties with dihedral group actions
Carocca,.Angel; Rodríguez,.Rubí E.; Rojas, Anita.M.Symmetric group actions on Jacobian varieties. Riemann and Klein surfaces, automorphisms, symmetries and moduli spaces
Soto-Andrade J.Metaphors in Mathematics Education
Léger, P., Gálvez, Inostroza, M., G., Cubillos, L., Luci, G., Tanter, E., Cosmelli, D., Soto-Andrade, J.Ecocam, un sistema computacional adaptable al contexto para promover estrategias de cálculo mental: características de su diseño y resultados preliminaries
Vega Urquieta, M .A., Carrillo Yañez, J., Soto Andrade, JAnálisis según el modelo cognitivo APOS del aprendizaje construido del concepto de la derivada
Lucchini.Arteche, GiancarloApproximation faible et principe de Hasse pour des espaces homogènes à stabilisateur fini résoluble
Lucchini.Arteche, GiancarloGroupe de Brauer non ramifié des espaces homogènes à stabilisateur fini