Publicaciones 2011

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Arenas-Carmona, LuisProjective representations in algebras and cohomology
Behn, Antonio; Elduque,Alberto; Labra, AliciaA class of locally nilpotent commutative algebras
Correa, Ivan; Hentzel,Irvin Roy; Labra, AliciaNilpotency of commutative finitely generated algebras satisfying Lx3+ γLx3=0, γ=1,0
Libedinsky,NicolasNew bases of some Hecke algebras via Soergel bimodules
Mantoiu,Marius; Purice, Radu; Richard,SergePositive quantization in the presence of a variable magnetic field
Mantoiu,Marius; Purice, Radu; Richard,SergeCoherent states and pure state quantization in the presence of a variable magnetic field
Martin,.Yves; Osses,.DenisOn the analogue of Weil's converse theorem for Jacobi forms and their lift to half-integral weight modular forms
González,.Patricio; Pinto, ManuelComponent-wise conditions for the asymptotic equivalence for nonlinear differential systems with maxima.
Chiu,.Kuo-Shou; Pinto, ManuelVariation of parameters formula and Gronwall inequality for differential equations with a general piecewise constant argument
Pinto, Manuel; Robledo,.GonzaloCauchy matrix for linear almost periodic systems and some consequences
Del Campo,.Luis; Pinto, Manuel; Vidal,.ClaudioAlmost and asymptotically almost periodic solutions of abstract retarded functional difference equations in phase space
Pinto, Manuel; Sepúlveda,.DanielH-asymptotic stability by fixed point in neutral nonlinear differential equations with delay
Pinto, Manuel; Robledo,.Gonzalo; Torres,.VictorLinear attraction in quasi-linear difference systems
Córdova-Lepe,.F.; González-Olivares,.E.; Pinto, M.Source-sink impulsive bioeconomic models: seasonal closures with fixed length
Pinto, ManuelCauchy and Green matrices type and stability in alternately advanced and delayed differential systems
Robledo, G.; Pinto, M.; Córdova-Lepe,.F.Stability of disease free state in SIS models. Almost periodic rates and pulse vaccination
Fernández,.Claudio; Lizama,.Carlos; Poblete,.VerónicaRegularity of solutions for a third order differential equation in Hilbert spaces
Lizama,.Carlos; Poblete,.VerónicaPeriodic solutions of fractional differential equations with delay
Córdova-Lepe,.Fernando; Del Valle,.Rodrigo; Robledo,.GonzaloA pulse vaccination strategy at variable times depending on incidence
Pinto, Manuel; Robledo,.Gonzalo.Cauchy matrix for linear almost periodic systems and some consequences
Pinto, Manuel; Robledo,.Gonzalo; Torres,.Victor.Linear attraction in quasi-linear difference systems
Gutiérrez-Frez,.Luis; Pantoja, José; Soto-Andrade,.JorgeGeometric Weil representations for star-analogues of SL(2,k).
Gutiérrez,.Luis; Pantoja, José; Soto-Andrade,.JorgeOn generalized Weil representations over involutive rings
Araya, R., Jiménez, A., Bahamondez, M., Dartnell, P., Soto-Andrade, J., González Calfucura, PStrategies used by students on a massively multiplayer online mathematics game
Reyes-Santander, P., Soto-Andrade, J.Mathematisches Denken. Grundvorstellungen und Metaphern
J. Soto-Andrade, S. Jaramillo, C. Gutiérrez, J.-C. LetelierOuroboros avatars: a mathematical exploration of self-reference and metabolic closure
Soto-Andrade, J., Reyes-Santander, PConceptual metaphors and “Grundvorstellungen”: a case of convergence?
G. Gálvez, D. Cosmelli, L. Cubillos, P. Leger, A. Mena, É. Tanter, X. Flores, G. Luci, S. Montoya, J. Soto-AndradeEstrategias cognitivas para el cálculo mental
C. Gutiérrez, S. Jaramillo, J. Soto-AndradeSome Thoughts on A. H. Louie’s “More Than Life Itself: A Reflection on Formal Systems and Biology
Guíñez,.Víctor; Castañeda,.ÁlvaroA bounded Hurwitz vector field in R4 having a periodic orbit
Guíñez,.Víctor; Castañeda,.ÁlvaroA polynomial class of Markus-Yamabe counterexamples and examples in R3