Publicaciones 2008

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Arenas-Carmona, LuisRelative spinor class fields: a counterexample
Arenas-Carmona, LuisFinite subgroups in algebras and cohomology.
Arenas-Carmona, L.; Berend, D.; Bergelson, V.Ledrappier's system is almost mixing of all orders. Ergodic Theory Dynam
Friedman, Eduardo:On the integro-differential equation satisfied by the p-adic log -function
Cohen, Henri; Friedman,EduardoRaabe's formula for p-adic gamma and zeta functions
De la Maza, Ana Cecilia; Friedman, EduardoHeights of algebraic numbers modulo multiplicative group actions
Belabas,Karim; Diaz y Diaz,Francisco; Friedman,EduardoSmall generators of the ideal class group
Diaz y Diaz, Francisco; Friedman,EduardoFinite products of regularized products
Elduque,Alberto; Labra, AliciaOn the classification of commutative right-nilalgebras of nilindex 5 and dimension 4.
Arenas,Manuel; Labra, AliciaOn nilpotency of generalized almost-Jordan right-nilalgebras
Libedinsky,NicolasÉquivalences entre conjectures de Soergel
Libedinsky,NicolasSur la catégorie des bimodules de Soergel
Iftimie, V.; Mantoiu, M.; Purice, R.Estimating the number of negative eigenvalues of a relativistic Hamiltonian with regular magnetic field
Kohnen,.Winfried; Martin,.YvesProducts of two Eisenstein series and spaces of cusp forms of prime level
Kohnen,.Winfried; Martin,.YvesOn product expansions of generalized modular forms
Figueroa,.Pablo; Pinto, ManuelRiccati equations and nonoscillatory solutions of third order differential equations
Lizama,.Carlos; Poblete,.VerónicaMaximal regularity for perturbed integral equations on periodic Lebesgue spaces
Lange,.Herbert; Rojas, Anita.M.A Galois-theoretic approach to Kanev's correspondence